Cat Fracture Case Study – Mia

Mia came to us in 2013 through a charity. She was very unlucky to have been hit by a car and sustained a femoral fracture at the same time as being heavily pregnant. Her previous owners did not want to go ahead with treatment so the charity stepped in to save them.

As Mia could give birth at any moment it was safer for the kittens to wait until after the birth for Mia to have surgery to fix her leg. She was with us for several days before the kittens made their appearance, which was a very happy day in the clinic.

A couple of days after giving birth and settling into mother hood we were able operate on Mia and repair her fractured leg. We had to perform the surgery as quickly as possible so Mia could get back to her kitten. Mia was re homed within 1 week of being discharged and the new owner also fell in love with her kitten Maisie so they were kept together.

Mia had to remain in a crate for 8 weeks after the surgery to ensure the bone had healed first, her kitten who was mischievous was able to go in and out of the crate as she could squeeze herself through the bars. As you can imagine this drove Mia mad and when she was finally allowed out of the crate the two of them ran mad around the house for weeks on end. Today they are both still together and couldn’t be more spoilt.