Cruciate disease is common in dogs and often repaired by either a radial cut TPLO or cranial closing wedge TPLO

TPLO Radial Cut
TPLO Closing Wedge

Patella Luxation Surgery

Patella Luxation surgery usally involves deepening the femoral groove, moving the insertion of the patella tendon (tibial tuberosity transposition) and tightening the soft tissue stabilisers of the knee (fascial imbrication). In more extreme cases, where the bones are not straight, the femur can be cut and straightened in a procedure called a distal femoral osteotomy (DFO)

Tibial Tuberosity Transposition CrCd
Tibial Tuberosity Transposition Ml
DFO Pre-Op
DFO Post Op

Femoral Fracture

This was a fracture of the femur that was repaired with a pin and plate (plate rod) fixation.

Femoral Fracture Lateral Pre Op
Femoral Fracture CrCd Pre Op
Femoral Fracture Lateral Post Op
Femoral Fracture CrCd Post Op

Tibial Fracture

This was a severe, open fracture of the tibia which required two plates to repair.

Tibial Fracture Pre Op
Tibial fracture Post Op

Pelvic Fracture

Multiple Pelvic Fractures repaired with two plates and a screw across the sacrum.

Pelvic Frcature Lateral Pre Op
Pelvic Fracture CrCd Pre Op
Pelvic Fracture Lateral Post Op
Pelvic Fracture CrCd Post Op

Y Fracture

Y fractures are one of the most serious elbow fractures we encounter where the end of the humerous has split into three peices involving the elbow joint. It’s essential to get both sides of the condyle in exactly the right position in order to ensure that the centre of the joint is aligned.

Y Fracture Pre-Op
Y fracture Postop


If the tarsus (ankle) joint becomes unstable the joint can be fused in a procedure called a pantarsal arthrodesis

Pantarsal Arthrodesis CrCd
Pantarsal Arthrodesis lateral

If the carpus (wrist) joint becomes unstable the joint can be fused in a procedure called a pancarpal arthrodesis

Pancarpal Arthrodesis Lateral
Pancarpal Arthrodesis CrCd

Most stifles (knees) can be repaired, however rarely they are beyond repair and are suitable for a stifle arthrodesis.

Stifle Arthrodesis Lateral
Stifle Arthrodesis CrCd

Humeral Intercondylar Fissure (HIF)

Some elbows, especially those of spaniel breeds, can develop a condition known as a humeral intercondylar fissue where the knuckles of the humerus have a split down the middle. This was previously known as Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle (IOHC).



We have a variety of arthroscope (small cameras) that we can use to examine different joints, especially the elbow and shoulder.

Normal Elbow
Probing Fragment
Fragment Removal
Fragment Removal

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Most hips can be managed conservatively (with rest, weight management, phyiotherapy and pain relief) however some benefit from a total hip replacement.

Total Hip Unilateral CrCd
THR Bilateral CrCd

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