Maude Case Study

Maude was only 3 months old when she escaped the house and had an unfortunate collision with a van becoming trapped underneath.

When finally set free her injuries were extensive. She was immediately rushed to her local vets where they were able to quickly stabilise her and diagnose multiple fractures to her left hind limb (severely displaced transverse mid-diaphyseal fracture of femur, mildly displaced spiral fracture of tibia and incomplete fracture of fibula, minimally displaced hinging fractures across all four metatarsals), a pelvic fracture and damage to her skin on her abdomen.

Maude was referred to us by her local vets and when she arrived with us 2 days later we were in awe of how amazing she was despite all her injuries.

At 3 months of age she had experienced horrible painful injuries but was still so loving and sweet, not many of us would be so in her situation. When we conducted our investigation we also identified a minimally displaced proximal femoral fracture of her right hind and a pelvic fracture on the right side.

It took our team of orthopaedic surgeon and intern (Matthew and Laura) several hours to repair her fractures on her left hind (both her tibia and femur required repair). The next day we had to operate again on Maude to repair her pelvic fracture as this would give her the best chance of recovery.

Once the surgery was complete we also bandaged her left metatarsals (toes) to help keep them stable so the fractures could heal. We kept in touch with the owners on her progress and we are very pleased to report that 1 month post operation Maude was feeling much better, was able to stand and use her hind limbs. By 2 months post operations the fractures had healed and she was able to start exercising and enjoying life like a normal puppy.

In the last year alone we have performed 120 fracture repairs successfully. These were performed in various breeds of cats and dogs using a variety of techniques.

Maude’s owner : I am forever indebted to Matt & all the staff at Fernlea for saving Maude

Maudes case study