Your pet has had a dressing/splint applied today which will need to stay in place for some time as indicated in your pets post operative instructions.

Golden rules for home care

  • The dressing must be kept dry at all times. If it gets wet it will require changing.
  • Cover the dressing with a waterproof bag when going outside.  It is important that this is removed again once inside.
  • Observe closely for any signs of slipping or loosening of the dressing.  This may lead to pressure sores if unchecked.
  • Look for any signs of swelling or redness above or below the dressing – if the toes are exposed check them to see if they are comfortable, have normal sensation, are not cold or swollen
  • Make sure the bandage remains intact; any chewing or licking at the dressing could mean your pet is in discomfort and should be checked.
  • Observe for any signs of unpleasant smell or fluid leakage through the dressing.

Dressing removal or changes

When you are home with your pet it is important to check the dressing frequently.

The vet or nurse will advise when your pet needs to have an appointment to remove or replace a dressing. This can be done with us or in some cases by your local vets.  It is extremely important that all appointments are attended when requested.

Contact us or your surgeon if you observe:

  • signs of discomfort
  • Changes in position or shape to the dressing
  • A foul smell or soiling or wetness of the dressing
  • Any sores or swelling
  • Swollen toes


It is important to follow all bandage instructions carefully as complications can be very serious. Complications can include skin sores from rubbing, muscle wastage, reduced joint range of motion, wound infections and limb necrosis secondary to swelling and blood supply compromise.